Gabba Gabba Hey – an emotional rollercoaster anthology from Fahrenheit Press

Twenty-four short stories on a theme that invites every emotion imaginable. Gabba Gabba Hey, the Fahrenheit Press anthology centred on the massive influence of the Ramones, hits a plethora of peaks.
Every tale has a different angle, be it violence and death through to poignancy and the pain of lost love. This book squares up the reality of a musical era that signifies major changes in the lives of the acolytes who listened and were captivated. They might have been adolescents, rebellious youths, struggling professionals, infant computer wizards, or just lost in a whirlwind world and looking for somewhere to hide.
Few, if any, of the stories have as much as a review of the band, though some of the authors saw them perform live in the 80s, but each and every one has an unbreakable link to the music and its effect on their lives at a pivotal time. As a whole, Gabba Gabba Hey opens the window on the emotions triggered by the brash, thundering inclusive rock of the band; individually, each author has a mastery of the English language and weaves a tale to captivate the reader..
Confession: these authors are the ‘children of the 80s’, while I was a teenager of the 60s and a rock lover into the 70s, but the carefully-fashioned rawness of the Ramones emerges in three dimensions. Their sound had none of the pretentiousness of strutting punk and anti-prog rock. The Ramones captured hearts and minds – as is blatantly evident in this anthology.

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