We’re back rockin’ with the Don Powell Band

If rock music were horse racing, my wagers would be on the back of the Don Powell Band. The pedigree of these musicians is ‘rock world’ impeccable and their debut single, Back On The Road, is not just an anthem for the soon-to-be end of Lockdowns, but a thunderously strong, foot-banging launch.
Don Powell went through a dreadful hiatus when both his knees decided they’d had enough of the music scene. Many thought the renowned drummer would never again sit behind a full kit. Back On The Road, from the very first bars, is Don’s tumultuous answer. The drive, the power and the intricacy is all there, much more so than the latter days of Slade. The Don Powell Band may eventually play some Slade tracks, but if Back On The Road is the benchmark for the future, we can expect solidity and originality. Rock on.
The Don Powell Band is a collection of proven rock musicians who play as if they have been mates for eons. The closeness and joy resounds in guitars, vocals and, of course, drums. Back On The Road is simple and straightforward; it is rock music, it leave pretentiousness in the garage while the band hits the accelerator and powers down the motorway.
Oh how grateful we will be to see Don, Craig Fenney, bass, Jon Briscoe, guitar, Curly Davies, lead vocals, and Bob Wilson, guitar and vocals in reality back on the road together, and back in some rockin’ venues.

6 thoughts on “We’re back rockin’ with the Don Powell Band”

  1. Totally agree with Richard. Great to see Don Powell back from his bad luck he had in the last 2 years. Last time I saw Slade was in 2018 Bilston and Don Powell himself in 2019 at the Slade Rooms. Since then it all went upside down with this world we live in. Don has come back with a vengeance and a great band put together !!!! I for one never thought i’d see Don back behind the drum kit! I thought this was the end and i’m glad to be proven wrong. All I can say is, hats of for Mr Don Powell!!!! He deserves it. And I can’t wait to see Don Powell and his fantastic band live on stage. I love the new single BACK ON THE ROAD and looking forward to the ALBUM!!!! This is a new chapter in Don’s life. And SLADE will never be forgotten or die in my book. Great review Richard.

    Regards to Richard Cox

    From Michael Van Overstraeten

    1. Sorry Mr Cox for getting your first name wrong

      Regards to Tony R. COX
      From Michael Van Overstraeten

      1. Sorry Michael. It’s my fault. I write as Tony R Cox because, when I started on my first book, it seemed that everybody and his dog called Richard Cox was writing! Tony R Cox fits well on a book!
        Thank you for your comments. My personal belief is that ‘Slade’ is currently a tribute band with H as the figurehead. The DPB is a fully formed rock band with a great heritage. There are some great Slade tribute bands out there and I include the all-girl Slady – a foursome of decent musicians and a ‘Noddy’ vocalist who is the closest I’ve heard to Mr Holder’s quite exceptional voice.

  2. Yes, Slady are a very good tribute band and the the closest I have seen to Slade live at the Slade Rooms. In fact, I will be at their gig in October this year at the Slade Rooms. Can’t wait for that event!
    They will be playing the whole Slade Alive album live in October. That will be great .
    Hope you can witness this for yourself?

    Regards From

    Michael Van Overstraeten


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