Tony R. Cox is an ex-journalist and public relations consultant. His real name is Richard Cox.
In 1970 he became a reporter at the Derby Evening Telegraph, learning the basics of a profession steeped in the technology of hot metal presses and ancient typewriters. He moved to the Nottingham Evening Post in 1978 and was appointed Business Editor. In the mid ‘80s he ‘jumped ship’ to public relations and ended up running his own business-to-business consultancy.
Why write about the 1970s?
The Simon Jardine thrillers are set, chronologically from about 1971. This was, I believe, the beginning of the end of the great era of regional newspapers. Advertising allowed Editors to fund investigative journalism and high quality photography, editing and sub-editing. Newspapers were also able to invest in music reviews – including the zenith of rock ‘n roll.
‘The Pill’ allowed women to take control of their lives in a way none had dreamed of.
The London drugs scene, accelerated by freedom to move around and more money, journeyed to the provinces and found a welcoming home.

14 thoughts on “Home”

      1. Hello David.
        Please tell me: 1. Which band; and 2. When.
        I have loads of cuttings from those heady days, so I may be able to dig it out.

      2. Ouch. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply. I thought the comment was to Richard Latham.
        The answer is that I need a date for the gig – and preferably the name of your band.
        Cheers, Richard

  1. I have read Tony’s first two novels. They are good. Highly recommended. Buy them!

    I am now looking forward to his third novel, ‘Vinyl Junkie’.

  2. Having read all three of the simon Jardine novels which are superb I live in ilkeston and was a young man in the 1970s so I can relate to the Times these novels are set and the areas were they are set more of the same please.

  3. Just finished reading “Fatal Drug” whilst on holiday in Thailand. A great read that kept me enthralled right to the very last page. Can’t wait to get stuck into another Simon Jardine escapade

  4. Hi Tony , hope you are O.K after your surgery, anyway I have some news for you. I used to go to St Joseph primary school with Peter Conway, who is a cousin of Paul Conway, being a relative, he should be able to tell you what happened to Paul.
    I found him on the web, the photo I saw, was without a doubt him. Just type in Peter Conway, Derby and who will be able to contact him through Linked In. Cheers Joe

  5. Hi Richard, I was at Buxton College in 1966 and 1967 as a boarder and I remember you. I was in form 1 and then 2 and I think you were in 5 and 6 I think.
    I spent a lot of time at Clouds then Cleo’s too from 1970 through 1975( yes I started going there when I was 15). Great memories and a wonderful education for a young lad, learning about music and other things .
    I don’t know if you remember Andy Aitken, he was about 2 years younger than you at Buxton. We were friends for a number of years in the mid to late 70s but I moved to the US and lost touch with him. Just wondering if you had any contact with him?
    Anyway I do remember you being one of the good guys at Buxton and you were always kind to me, unlike some of the others.

    1. Thanks Pete. Not sure that description covers me at Buxton. I rememger being a bit of an arsehole. However, I was introduced to some great music. John Hufferdine, a student for a while and lived nearby, was always a good musician and now lives in far South Wales playing some exceptional blues. Check Facebook. I met up with Andy twice – both funerals, his mother, and then another former Telegraph colleague. I heard he was in the Sheffield area and an accountant. Like me, he’d have retired by now. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  6. Hi Tony. Am trying to put a date on the Quo gig at Clouds. The Quo site has it in 1970 but we think it was ’71? It’s memorable for our gang as we had a pint with Francis at the bar after the gig and then slept on the platform at Derby station awaiting the milk train back to Mansfield!
    Many thanks

    1. Oops. Sorry. Missed this.
      As far as I am aware, Quo played Clouds twice: 1. with Thin Lizzy, April 8, 1971; 2. April 7, 1972, on their own.


  7. Hi Richard, my name is Peter from the German Genesis Fanclub it (https://www.genesis-fanclub.de + https://www.genesis-news.com). I’m currently researching Genesis tour dates from 1970 – 1972 and came across your site.
    I’m particularly interested in the time when Phil Collins played his first concerts with Genesis and they had their transitional guitarist Mick Barnard. You write that you met the band in Hatton on 18 December 1970 and wrote a detailed report. I would be very interested in this. Many thanks for your help and best regards from Germany, Peter. Here is my e-mail address: peter@genesis-fanclub.de.

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